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Air Quality in East Africa: Video talk from UB Open AQ conference


So my friends Dr. Christa Hasenkopf and Joe Flasher have an awesome project, OpenAQ (https://openaq.org/#/), collecting real-time and historic air quality data from various locations around the globe and uploading the data to the internet in an easily scrapable, programmatic manner. This is different than sites like AirVisual that show Air Quality Indices at various […]

Weekend Vacay to Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi at sunset

I’ve been trying to explore the surrounding area of Africa, while I live here, to get a bigger (less-US-media dominated) picture of the area of the world where I live. And also, I’ve been trying to find places to relax away from the bustle of Kigali (OK, Kigali is a very quiet city, but it […]

Capturing images and footage from around Rwanda

Traffic heading into downtown.

And by capturing footage I mean lazily taking phone videos in portrait mode. I have to create a video for my climatecolab proposal (http://climatecolab.org/web/guest/plans/-/plans/contestId/1301418/planId/1319614) bringing low-cost air quality sensors to Kigali.  So I’ve been videoing and photographing different places in Rwanda (mostly, Kigali downtown and our research station, as well as rides on the backs […]

Kigali Life part II: Giving up on quality for quantity (blogs)


Because it is hard to write deep, insightful blog posts often, instead I will write small dumb ones.  I still owe a post about the Kampala to Jinja Hash and biking on the Congo Nile trail from Gisenyi to Kibuye, as well as one about my proposal in the climatecolab competition (that has to happen […]

Kigali Living


Another brief post, just photos taken from my house. A slice of my Kigali life. I think when I first thought about moving to Rwanda, I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t think most Americans would be good at knowing what to expect. And I’d never imagined living here, before I applied for my […]

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